How to pick a right seat?What types or which should I choice?

When decide on which types of seating you want to purchase, think about these question.

  • Where will the seating be placed?
  • Who will use that seating?
  • Is that the person will sit on that seating for a long period time in a day?
  • How the quality of the seating.
  • Is that seating ergonomic, comfort, durable and also in a reasonable price?

Presidential Chair / Leather Chair

Presidential Chair / Leather Chair also name it THE BOSS CHAIR. This type of chair normally used by the boss during the office working hours and some families pursue comfort and are used in their home study office too. The most common types of material on the market today for Presidential Chair is Synthetic Leather, Half Leather and Full Leather(cattle hide). And what’s the advantage of this types of seating.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Compared to the fabric seating, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather chair, and will not penetrate deep into the seat, so you can finish the cleaning task with a damp cloth.
  • NOT EASY TO DEFORM – Because leather resists more punctures and tears if compare with fabric, and it’s also using HIGH DENSITY MOLDED INJECTED FOAM SEAT.
  • CLASSY AND ELEGANT – Showing the taste and position of the person sitting.
  • MORE HEAT-DISSIPATING – Although the leather chair will absorb heat, but its heat dissipation performance is better then Fabric Chair.

Executive Chair / Fabric Chair

Executive Chair / Fabric Chair. This type of chair have always been the office furniture products which commonly used by our office workers.

  • COLOUR – Compare with Leather Chair it has wide variety of colors and patterns that make it easy to match your existing decor.
  • COMFORT – Provide better comfort feeling if compare with Leather Chair.

Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Mesh Chair. Now ergonomic mesh chairs are wildly popular, Here’s the advantage of this type of chair that what you should know before you buy.

  • VENTILATION – Mesh chairs allow air to circulate naturally between your body.
  • COMFORT – Provide better comfort feeling if compare with Leather Chair and Fabric Chair.
  • STYLE – Mesh chairs have a modern look. They are minimalist in appearance and furnishing an office with them helps to create a feeling that the office is on the cutting edge.
  • SUPPORT – Most mesh chairs are ergonomically shaped some of it also come with adjustable lumber support, with the mesh back curved in a way that it forces us to sit with good posture. It helps us comfortable throughout a working day, preventing the kind of back soreness that can negatively affect our performances.

Secretarial Typist Chair

Secretarial Typist Chair. Typist Chair is one of the elegant chair which can save space, this type of seating is suitable for those who facing limited space in their work place.

  • SIZE – Save space cause of its size is smaller then Executive Fabric Chair.
  • COMFORT – Although it is small in size, it still gives the user a certain level of comfort.